Monday, August 3, 2015

IT'S ME !!!

hello everyone on this first assignment i would like to introduce my self.

My name is Stephan Ryoki Petrahansel Bangun, i was born at Batukarang on september 4th 2000. My family and i live on Gambir Saketi st. number 41. I studied at national elementary school of berastagi which is a small town at North Sumatra and at the second semester of fifth grade i moved to bandung and continued my study at saint melania primary school, then i took some acceptance tests to some junior high school and i passed them all, my parents were so proud of me. My parents let me to chose one of them so i chose saint angela junior high school i think it was a right choice because maybe i won't be able to school at 3 senior high school if didn't take it an dat the end i was a student at Saint Angela Junior High School and now i'm a student at "3" national senior high school.Now let me tell you some things that i lik, for me blue is the best colour i don't know why but i like it so much and fruits and vegetables that gets juice is my favourite drink and that is some thing that i can tell you about me. now let me introduce you about my family

My father was a government employees he took us to bandung at 2011 because he wanted to start a new life with us and his name is Timotius and he was born at Karo on April 19th 1968, now let me introduce my mom, she is a house wife she always take care of us and she is the one that never give up on me that's mean she is the reason i am able to be a student at 3 national high school. and she is the one that change my perspective of life.

I have two brother and one of them is older than me, his name is Thierry Keenar Samuel Bangun and he is a student at telkom university he took the graphical design study there and he was born at Jakarta on September 27th 1995 and also  he sometimes very annoying and i hate that so much. Now i'm going to introduce you my cute litle brother, his name is Abraham Andrew Melchizedek Timorika Bangun, he was born at Bandung on July 4th 2013 and it is the the exact same day with the 143rd U.S. independence day.

and if you think this panda is cute please comment.

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  1. that panda is cute here is a comment for you.