Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena is an annual sports competition held by the OSIS for the 10th & 11th and it was held on Bali field in several days. There are some match that being competed such as volleyball, basketball, etc. Every class must take part in the competition, and we selected teammates from our own class to compete in every match.

On the first day of Dewa Athena which is March 10, we were told by the OSIS that we have to come at 7 to do the ceremonial opening of Dewa Athena. So in the morning there’s a lot of students who came, and mostly they use the class jersey that they have created before. My class didn’t, why ? because the people that we pay to do the job runaway with the money, so one of my friend ask the police to help us. Even though we didn’t use the class jersey we still get to play the match.

I played in 2 games which are dodgeball and volleyball. On the first round we win the match, we play against team from X Science 6 which is a very strong team , unfortunately we lost on the second and third round,  but that’s ok because we still have fun together. I was waiting so long for the next match, i think the Dewa Athena Commitee didn’t prepare the match schedule very well, because i had to play in the last game at fifth o’clock, which is too late for a sport match. It was raining quite hard that time, and there’s not much of my classmates who stay at the field so we had to lost the match my opponent wasn’t really a quite good player but my team was one of the worse.

On the next day, i had to play on basketball match because of the match schedule was scrambled so we had to accept the consequent, the best basketball player of my class hasn’t come that time so i had to play on that match, and another lost came to my class. My classmates was really sad because of that because of we always lost.

On the third day, i had to play on “gobak sodor” match because most my classmates who take a part on that match hasn’t come, but it didn’t went good, yeah you know what i mean. I had another lost but i didn’t really care about it. But i will play again next year and win  the game.
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