Thursday, February 18, 2016

Future Education

THEME :          “Education to Build a Better Future for All”
We live in a world with many complex problems, both local and global. What kind of education and learning would help us address these chalenges and create a sustainable world and a better life for all? Describe your concrete ideas for an ideal education.

Many young students is being stressed about their school life, why? Some of them said it’s because of the how do we learn at school and some of them said the “read” thing is not something that I like, and some of them said I didn’t get any support that I really need that time. Those are some problem that I think really matters to improve life quality and to create a better world if we had the solution.
I’m here just to tell my opinion and my ideas even it’s not the best solution for our world because there’s another complex problem that is highly considerable for making the solution. World is not only filled by one simple problem, but so many complex problem. And to create every single solution for that problem we need to create a highly complex solution for each problem.
Education is one of the most important solution to fix every single problem in this world, but actually the education itself stil have some problem that need to be fixed, just like what that I mention before, but it’s only a small part of the really big problem of education, why because there’s a lot of things that could give some negative effect to toung age student, like inappropriate shows on TV, bad parenting, teachers that doesn’t give the appropriate school material for the student, and many more.
I am thinking about a parrarel education. Parrarel education is about learning what you want to learn. It can direct young students to achieve their highest capability and to reach their maximum potential of work. Student must take their first test to determine their skill. And to know that they like what they are doing, they will be given time to know what they're going to do in the future with their skills.
With that the students will like the things they’re doing instead of hating them, because of it is what they’re capable of. And it will help them to reach their true potential instead of being a criminal because of they hates the thing that their doing so they used another way to make money. We can’t really blame them of what they’re doing because they had to do it. But some of them do it because of they wanted it not because of it’s the only thing that left.
          And the upcoming technology maybe even make it more good beause of the technology will help the student to reach their goals. The students will also feel more comfortable with their study and training. Maybe we will also create robots that can improve life quality for every people. But the robots must be cheap enough so that even the poor people can use them for good things, but first we must make rules about having robots because if not people can use them for crime activity.
          we also need to improve teachers quality, because not all teachers have the standard quality to become a good teachers. Even some of them make money from rich students that want to have good scores in easy way. And that only gonna make them less qualified and more lazy to work hard and only want to use the easy and fast way instead of the right way.
          teachers with good quality can create the leaders that can change the future, but if we give the students some bad teachers, they will also react negatively. Good parenting is also one of the most important that can help the students. Parents must spend their time with their child if they  want their child to be  success in the future.

-Stephan Ryoki Petrahansel Bangun(2016)

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