Monday, January 18, 2016

my holidays

it has been a rough day at school before my holidays come. i thought it would be a happy holidays, but actually it didn't work as i expected. before the holidays, i was thinking about get on a plane and go to my home town at north sumatra. it was a beautiful place when i left it a few years ago, but because of the eruption of the sinabung mountain, dust and hard soil that spreaded everywhere. that's why i wanted to go there. but my plan didn't work out because of my parents had to work.

Bored is a word that explained the thing that i do during my holidays. to reduce it i was thinking about playing games or watching movies at home, by mom told me to help her doing some housework like washing the dishes, or sweeping the floor. but sometimes my mom is mad at me because i did something wrong about the house work. things like that only make me feel even bored. that's made me want to go to my aunt house and enjoy my time there before my mom called me back.

I have a little brother and he was two years old and he likes cars so much, and even sometimes he ask to play with him, i think it's one of my time with him, i think it's one of my happy moments at home, to be able to spend my time with my little brother. days by days nothing much happened, and that was how i spend my holidays at home, yeah it is boring but that is all the thing that happened on my holidays. and i hope i can spend my holidays happier on the next holidays.

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