Monday, September 28, 2015


on the last post you can find a complimenting dialogue now let me tell you about one of my school event. do you know what it is ?, yes it's Gamarvani. 

Gamarvani is a cultural festival that was held by SMAN 3 Bandung, Gamarvani means journey to the moon, the word comes from the sanskritic word gama and parvani, gama means journey and parvani means to the moon. gamarvani theme taken from Nyi Anteh story and you can know the simple story about it by watching the performance of T'ST which is the teater club of SMAN 3 Bandung. why do we took that story ?, because of nowadays teenager starts to forget about their own folklore which is one of their own culture, so to remind the teenager SMAN 3 Bandung took one of the folklore.

Now let me tell you about the festival performers, the festival performers are wayang golek by Giri Harja, pencak silat by perguruan Gadjah Putih Mega Paksi Pusaka, Parahyena and many more. There were also some traditional games such as Bancakan, Sapintrong, Cing Ciripit and Perepet jengkol. this event was also enlived by the SMAN 3 extracurriculer club erformance there are  Musik Klasik 3, Lingkung Seni Sunda 3, Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3, T'ST, KV3, Band 3, etc.

And this is some picture of the performers

Wayang Golek Giri Harja
KV3 Performing
MK3 on Stage
Winner of the Gamarvani Parade
Sapadena singing O Ina Ni Keke
HiVi performing

the foodstand, food truck, and the community stand

Community Stand
the Foodtruck

The Foodstand

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