Thursday, August 27, 2015

My new friend

 Hello, it has been a quite long time since my last post and this time i will introduce you to one of my new friend. We are at the same class and his name is Melvin Vidersha Gunawan. He live at Batu Indah Raya street number 10. He was born in Bandung on 4th August 2000 which mean he is older than me for a month. He studied at AL-AZHAR BSD since playgroup until Junior High school and now we are at the same class at SMAN 3 Bandung. 

       Once he told me that his hobby is watching film and i think that's why he has a big ambitions to be a film producer and director. And he also said that It was his ambition since junior high school and he is searching for some way to get a full scholarship to study abroad at NYFA (New York Film Academy) to reach his ambition.

          Now let me tell you about his favourite things. His favorite film genre is Sci-fi and he said that it's so cool to see something that science has never been discovered yet. His favourite color is red. And his favorite food is cheese. and because he's from jakarta he's still learning to speak sundanese properly because right know he only know a few words :( .

And this is the foto of us together at class. sorry if it's blurred.

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